HEPA (High-efficiency particulate absorption) filters are the gold standard when it comes to industrial safety equipment. When it comes to air filtration, the gold standard remains. HEPA filter air purifiers have set the benchmark for a reliable, quality product that can be trusted to do its job well.

Here at Just Air Purifiers, we understand the importance of a high quality filter for air purification. Using an air purifier with a sub-par filter is like using your fridge to cool your house – it’s an inefficient use of resources and the end result won’t be what you intended (the smallest and most harmful particles will pass through the filter, and your fridge will burn out pretty quickly).

If you are looking for a filtered air purifier, we ONLY sell HEPA filter air purifiers. So you can be sure that you are receiving a purifier that is high quality and can be trusted to perform.

Even though HEPA filters are the gold standard – they don’t come with a golden price tag as you might expect. The filters themselves are relatively cheap to replace (at which time you can see just how effective they are at doing the job your lungs used to do), however the air purifiers themselves spark a whole new conversation.

HEPA filter air purifiers are the widest ranging in the air purifier family. Everything from budget conscious through to downright expensive! There is a whole raft of factors that determine where on the price scale each purifier will sit, such as; brand, noise, design, size, on-board computers or sensors, and whether or not it has additional functions such as UV, ionic or humidifying capabilities.

This might seem a bit overwhelming if you’re brand new to air purifiers. There is some good news, we’re here to guide the way and help you find the right HEPA filter air purifier for your needs and your budget.

So take a look around, get familiar with the features and prices ranges we have to offer. Head over to our blog for a bit of additional info or drop us an e-mail – we’d be glad to help with any questions you might have about our HEPA filter air purifiers.