Looking for the best air purifier for cigarette smoke? We’ll help clear the air! For cigarette smoke, we simply recommend two main functions. Firstly, a quality HEPA filter to capture the fine smoke particles. Secondly, an activated carbon filter to control for cigarette smoke odor.

This combination of air filtration for smoke is also a good all-round combination for the home. The HEPA filter effectively controls for dust and common allergens around the house, and the carbon filter takes care of any pet or cooking odors.

Whether you need to control for smoke in just one room, or your entire home – we have a range of sizes to fit your budget and still get the job done. Many of our air purifiers come with a bunch additional functions built-in.

We have searched far and wide to bring you a collection of the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke, and we only source from reputable brands and retailers. Feel free to have a browse around the rest of the site, you will find other air purifiers suitable for smoke which come with a few more features built in.

If you have any questions or concerns about the products you find on the site, or would like more information about the different kinds of functions our air purifiers come with – just shoot us an e-mail or have a browse through our handy blog.