Classic Round Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

round-himalayan-salt-lamp-with-dimmerThere is no denying the magnificent beauty of the planets in our solar system. Seeing pictures of these natural wonders that surround us is truly awe inspiring. Here on Earth we have found these natural beauties, Himalayan salt lamps. Just a fraction of the size, but equally as inspirational.

  • Mined from the Himalayan Mountains
  • Naturally producer of negative ions.
  • Gentle amber glow.
  • Each lamp is unique.
  • Neem wooden base.
  • Rotary dimmer switch.
  • Trusted brand.


WBM Round Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Model WBM Himalayan Light #1451
Dimensions 5.8 x 5.8 x 6.2 inches (L x W x H) *approx.
Weight 8 pounds *approx.
Features Rotary Dimmer Switch, Neem Wooden Base, 6 ft. Electrical Cord, 25 watt Light Bulb
Price $51.25
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Himalayan salt lamps are natural negative ion generators and have some wonderful health benefits (read more about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps here). Yes, you can buy electronic ionizers these days, but Himalayan salt lamps each have their own unique aesthetic which can only be found in nature. Just like staring into the flames of an open fire, it is easy to get lost in thought from the glow of a salt lamp.


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