Himalayan Rock Salt “Fire Bowl” Lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt "Fire Bowl" LampNow this “Fire Bowl” salt lamp is a brilliant example of designers breaking-free from the status quo and creating a truly eye-catching centerpiece.

These Himalayan salt lamps are well known for their trademark ‘aura-like’ glow and the naturally occurring  highlights and color variations that run through them. This “Fire Bowl” in particular adds that extra bit of design flair to set your home apart.

Looks aside, these lamps double-up as an air purifier by emitting negative ions (don’t let the name fool you, they actually have a very positive effect 🙂 you can read more about ions here). You can take a look at our blog post about Himalayan salt lamps for more info.

Check It OutBeing a natural product, Himalayan salt lamps don’t produce negative ions quite as heavily as an electronic ionizer might, but the beauty of the loose salt rocks in the “Fire Bowl” is that you can have a much larger surface area (which is what determines the amount of ion generation) without loosing too much table real-estate.

Himalayan Fire PillarThere are some other variations of the “loose rock” salt lamps floating around the place. Some of the wrought iron bowls I have seen are certainly worth a mention, and depending on your decor, may well be better suited to your place. In saying that, the salt bowl filled with salt rocks really does it for me and that’s how it climbed onto my list.

So how about the details? Well, don’t let the dimensions put you off – this “Fire Bowl” lamp measures 6″ x 6″ x 6″ and weighs roughly 6lbs, comes with 6ft of cord and is lit by a… 7-Watt light bulb. The bowl sits on a neat little wooden base to tie everything together. This is really well priced at around 35 bucks and also comes with a Himalayan Salt Crystal certification card so you can rest assured about its authenticity.

Interested in salt lamps but not sold on the “Fire Bowl”? Browse though our full range of lamps.

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