Gorgeous Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holders

himalayan-salt-tealightsFor a bit of a change from the standard electric salt lamps we have around the place, I was quite happy to come across these natural Himalayan salt tealight candle holders.

I have always loved having candles lit around the house, the random flickering of the flame is just mesmerizing and sets a wonderful vibe in the room. So I knew that I was going to love these candle holders, but I think they even passed my expectations.

With the candle set well within the holder and the natural pinkish amber color of the Himalayan salt, the holder diffuses the candlelight and creates a beautiful glow in a dark or dimly lit room while still allowing the natural flicker of the flame to dance on the walls.

Although the salt crystal slightly softens the amount of light emitted (compared to a completely exposed candle), the light is more evenly spread and has a unique tinge of color to it. This effect most certainly outweighs the loss of light, and if you really need more light in the room, you can always light another candle.salt-crystal-tealight-holders

Check It OutWe have all heard about the benefits from Himalayan salt lamps and the same principle applies to candlelit salt also. But, full disclosure, if your intent is to buy a Himalayan salt lamp for the purpose of generating negative ions in your home, a candlelit one is probably not the most effective way of doing this. Firstly, they are quite small (surface area is an important factor for ion production) and secondly, candles have a limited lifetime before they need replacing (it is recommended you keep salt lamps lit 24/7 for maximum ion production). Take a look at the full range of salt lamps here.

In saying that, these tealight candle holders look great in their own right, and for just over $8 (or around $9 when you buy a set of 2) they are an inexpensive way to treat your home to a wonderful new feel.

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