RX Air Hospital Grade Germicidal UV Air Purifier

UV-germicidal-air-purifierIf you’re looking for an air purifier to control the spread of germs and viruses throughout the whole house this cold and flu season, then look no further than what hundreds of hospitals are using to stop germs dead in their tracks.

STOP THE PRESS… The RX Air Hospital Grade air purifier has been discontinued. For an even better air purifier, with the same features and about half the price – this is our top pick from Germ Guardian Air Purifiers.

RX Air have produced a super effective germicidal UV air purifier which stands up to the rigorous lab testing of the FDA and EPA. Proven to destroy more than 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria, you need not worry about the Flu,   Pneumonia,  Strep, TB, Measles and of course, the Common Cold – just to name a few.

Although this air cleaner has a small footprint, it has a large impact when compared to other units of similar size. With the ability to change the air of an 800 sq. ft. area 3 times per hour, we class this as a whole house air purifier (or an extremely large room purifier!).

The germicidal functionality is certainly the main attraction of this model, but it also carries out all the other jobs you would expect of a well-rounded air purifier. Effective at reducing odors, allergens, molds, VOC’s and organic chemicals, the RX Air promotes a high standard of clean air throughout your whole home while running quietly in the background.

While we do class this as a filterless air cleaner, there are a couple of components that require maintenance and replacement over time.

RX Air UV Purifier at a glance:

Make RX Air
Model RXAIR1
Filtration 1)UV-C ViraTech Filtration
2)Particulate Screen
Room Size ~800 sq ft
Dimensions 12.5 x 9.5 x 32 inches (L x W x H)
Weight 18.2 pounds
Features 17 Fan Speeds, Quiet operation, Energy Efficient
Price $498.00
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There is a washable particulate screen within the unit which captures dust and other small particles. You receive four of these when you purchase the RX Air UV air purifier, and the company also says that they will send you out more of these free of charge should you ever require more. In comparison with a HEPA type filter, there is no need to protect yourself when handling these filters, as the bacteria and viruses captured have already been killed.

Also, the ViraTech (TM) cartridge has a useful life of approximately 8,800 hours, so will need to be replaced after about 12 months of round-the-clock use. These will set you back just under $100, so it is worth noting that the maintenance cost of this unit is not quite what you might expect in other filterless air cleaning systems.

Perhaps not the cheapest air purifier on the market, but this model covers a large area and knocks germs out very efficiently. Great for controlling the spread of germs in the home, but would be well suited for a classroom, office or other public spaces.

Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and you can pick up 2 and 4 year extended warranties pretty cheap if you need to guarantee the useful life of the unit. Give it a try today and stop the spread of bugs this clod and flu season.

UV-night-light whole-house-UV-air-purifier

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